Why Use a Timer?

What is the biggest problem with ozone treatments?  Over-treatment.  Nearly all ozone promoters suggest "Crushing the Problem" with huge ozone generators or lengthy ozone treatments.  According to the National Ozone Association, no ozone treatment should last longer than eight-hour unless the problem is dire.  This is why we install the easy-to-use 8- hour timer.  Just push the button to select 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours of ozone treatment.  The threat of "embedding the ozone smell" by over-treatment is no longer a concern.

Ozone generator timerIncremental Ozone Treatment for Odors, Mold, or 

Before you buy into the hype, professionals know that it is best to apply ozone based on the intensity of the threat.  Some problems can be solved in 1-2 hours.  Most jobs require about 4 hours.  Serious threats may require an 8-hour treatment.

If you are not an experienced applicator, we advise that applying smaller cycles of ozone treatment will allow you to judge the effect rather than buying an overly-large ozone generator or use a smaller generator for 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours.  Who wants to vacate the property for such a period of time anyway?

Maintenance of Your Problem

The other issue is the ongoing odor or pollution problem.  Many odor issues are ongoing.  If you have a pet allergy but own pets, why treat the house just once.  Buy owning a quality ozone generator with a timer, like the 32G, you can schedule treatments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to maintain a healthy environment.  Many people suffering from pet allergies find that regular treatments are the best way to reduce pet allergy symptoms and reduce pet odor that others, not the owner, smell when they enter.

As all professionals know, ozone treatments may only be applied to VACATED areas.  People and pets should not be present in areas that ozone treatments are running.  Air the treated areas by opening windows or doors for several minutes.  The ozone smell should last only 8-12 hours after treatment but is not a health concern.