Lifetime Warranty - Terms and Conditions

We warranty all parts for our units for one year.  Our lifetime Warranty is the assurance of a speedy fix or rehab of any unit for a nominal fixed price.  Here is the way to assure your system is always running like new:

     1- We offer a one-year fix or replace warranty on all parts.  Ozone plates are consumables, and they are warranteed for 90 days.  

     2- All ozone generators are easily maintenanced, and we do stock parts that allow simple repairs, plate replacement, or cleaning by our users.

     3- We do not pay shipping costs, except on replacement parts under warranty

After the first year, we offer "Flat Rate" refurbishing that should bring the machine back to like-new operations.  Excludes damage to the case or case replacement)  Fees are:  (Shipping not included)

     1- 32G Pro is $99 for full refurbishing

     2- 64G Pro is $199 for full refurbishing

As everyone should know, do not allow the unit to be plugged into the electrical circuit during any repair.  This is basic precautions for any electrical system.

All parts are warranted for one full year.  We do not allow for return of equipment as we do not sell used equipment.  Plates are consumables and are warranted for 90 days to assure that no early problems will be ignored.  The plates are supposed to last for two years according to the manufacturer, but this is all based upon the amount of use and abuse to the system.

You can send the unit back for repair during the warranty, but you are responsible for the shipping costs.  We encourage you or a person you might know to do the repairs with guidance from our online material and support by our staff.  The engineering on these professional units made any repair on the equipment simple.  If you aren't able to do the work, there is someone you know who can look at our online instructions and get the job done.  The videos will take you step-by-step through any repair.

Also, time is a factor.  Shipping your unit is an expense, but it is also a huge delay for your business.  Each ozone generator may makes it cost back in as little as 3-4 treatments.  We have a system that will keep your ozone generators at peak performance and not delayed in shipment.

We do not warranty against abuse of the equipment, loss of equipment, water damage, improper voltage supply to the unit, non-approved modifications or parts.  Not intended for dirty conditions that will foul the units.  Any abuse of the system, including misuse, water damage, or dirty conditions voids the warranty.  Use in commercial programs with constant use, dirty areas, and chemical use will revert warranty to the reburshing program mentioned herein.  

We do not refund on any sales for any reason.  Our warranty is a "Repair or Replace" policy that is designed to allow customers the best care possible.  This policy prevents the inclination to purchase equipment then return it after it has been used.  We do not have a trial period for any equipment.  We feel that the "Repair and Replace" policy is more than fair to everyone, and exceeds what others offer.