Vortex Fogging System

Routine fogging is one of the most accepted ways to nightly treat for infectious disease, destroy resident odors, and neutralize toxins in a sick building.  The Vortex can safely fog-out your work areas each night with an ultra-safe and affordable sanitizing solution.  Just fill it and forget it for a week at a time.  This will save your company a huge amount of money compared to paying a service to fog-out your building.  Less than 5 micron droplets presently working in many building types.  

Vortex Fogging SystemConsider that every Professional Treatment is a Moment in Time Solution

As diseases spread, the problem is that the building is routinely re-infected by the daily activities of those who enter the building.  The best cleaning and sanitizing may only safeguard your staff for a few hours or days.  So, why not sanitizing and decontaminate each evening without paying for the workers to show up and do the job?

The Vortex fogging system is automated.  Set the timer and let it sanitize the building at a set time each night using an EPA registered solution that is not harmful to your operation or people.  

Maintenance of Your Problem

In addition, the Vortex destroys ambient, residual odors, kill mold and mildew, clears the air, and detoxifies the indoor air quality.  The $1499 cost is less than $4/day the first year and zero cost in successive years.  Then, the cost is the solution that is just pennies per day.  

When you company the cost of twelve fog-out (monthly treatments) for a year at just $300 per treatment ($3600/yr).  That service is more than double the cost of the Vortex system.  And, of course, the system comes with our amazing lifetime warranty.

The Vortex Fogging  System treats up to 5000 sq ft and rents for an initial three months at $400 per month.  Sanitizing solution included.  After three months, we offer a one year lease for $300 per month.