Treat Odors with Essential Oil

Essential Oil for Odor ProblemThere is a lot of news about treating odors with essential oil.  So, we hope to offer some clarity and education on the subject of essential oil to treat odor problems.  First of all, not all essential oils are equal in their abilities.  

Some are basically for fragrance.  They may mask odors but not treat them.  Some essential oils are therapeutic and may not smell great ... like tea tree oil.  

Then, a few essential oils are known for "Odor Modification".  They are uniquely helpful to seriously cancel odors.  They do not work like ozone that uses an extra oxygen atom to oxidize the threat.  Odor modifying essential oils will quickly bond to airborne odor threats.  When the essential oil bonds with the offending odor molecules, a new compound is formed that will not be offensive.  The results may be quite pleasant.

Essential oil, however, is not best for serious odor elimination.  It works best on common odors that haunt the air.  So, do not expect ozone to solve embedded odors that come from cigarette smoke, smelly carpets, pet odor, and the funk of an old poorly-kept home or apartment.

We suggest that XytoFresh essential oil should be combined with ozone as a finishing touch.  Ozone will destroy the odors at the source.  So, treat the area with our 32G ozone generator ... after cleaning, of course.  When the ozone treatment is done, air out the building with fresh air for a bit, then treat the area with a fine mist application of XytoFresh.