Secret Formula for Removing the Ozone Smell

Essential Oil for Odor ProblemSome people love the after-smell of ozone.  It tells people that the building is clean and sanitized.  Others don't like the ozone smell so much.  Don't worry, the ozone smell will generally disappear in 12-24 hours depending on the length of the treatment.

Some professionals have found a simple formula that anyone can duplicate if you want to quickly minimize the ozone smell.  All you need is a pint of rubbing alcohol (although some prefer a cheap vodka), a spray bottle set on mist, and some essential oils.

Stick with the citrus essential oils and even green tea essential oil which we find work best.  Add 10 drops of the essential oil to the full-strength alcohol.  The alcohol adds a crisp, fresh scent, and the essential oils are what might be termed odor modifiers that adhere to other molecules in the air and convert them to the better scent.

This formula is best applied immediately after clearing the house or building with fresh air.  Simply walk through the house liberally spraying the air with the alcohol and essential oil mixture.  Avoid getting this in your eyes, and goggles may be a good idea if you want to be extra careful.

Frankly, you can tweak this formula if your office uses the ozone generator each night to sanitize the facility.  We know that people react to smells differently, so a quick treatment of this solution will help your work area, store, office, or classroom smell great. 

In addition, essential oils are not a threat to people who struggle with chemical sensitivities.  Just stay away from the more potent and aromatic types of essential oils.  The trend is toward natural, mild, and inoffensive scents.  Essential oils can be therapeutic.  Some are aromatic.  Others are best at odor modification, and the odor modifier essential oils are quite pleasant but light on aroma.

In the COVID-19 era, the spray is a proven solution to spot treat areas like door handles, counters, and light switches.  This solution is cheap, effective, and pleasant smelling. 

As a side note, avoid the big ozone generators that can overpower the room.  Anything over 48,000 mg/hr is probably a mistake on many levels.  This is why we like the 32,000 (32G) size.  With the built-in timer that can delay the start and automatically shut the unit off, it is easy to treat the area in stages which we consider best.  If your facility is larger, add another 32G which also allows for a more even spread of the ozone treatment.