Starting an Ozone Business the Smart Way

If you are thinking about starting an ozone business, avoid the hype of Internet promoters that make it sound easy.  Your first 90 days and first year are very important.  Most business make the mistake that everyone is as excited as they are.  This is because they don't know the best targets and methods to start and build a business.  And early mistakes are costly and ruin your chances of success.

We know that REAL ESTATE is our best and most important target market.  But, that is not enough to know the several entry points or offerings that these opportunities really want.  After all, your best success comes from offering solutions to real and important needs.

Where, when, and what do your best customers need?  Years of experience allows our team to coach you to the right people.

What about CAR DEALERS?  This is a good market, but there is a pitfall that can help or hurt your business.

What other BUSINESS want to hear from you, but you might not know what they are or how to answer their questions.

Should you go after RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL accounts?  If you make the wrong choice, your business will not turn the corner of big profits.

What other SERVICES should you include in your service?  Honestly, you will find that ozone is not the only tool you will need to be a fantastic success in this business.

How about MOLD treatments, duct cleaning, large buildings that ozone cannot treat?  

And, is DISEASE control a profitable market.  It isn't, but it is something where you can earn big money when the need arises.  So, we build the business on steady income sources with a ready ability to pick up some high-laying jobs when they come around.

We partner with the National Ozone Association to offer training and support for everyone in the remediation services.  You can buy an ozone machine anywhere (our are best), but with Professional Ozone you get equipment, better ideas, training and coaching, and the marketing that allows you to be in full operation in 30 days or less.