Ozone Business

Starting an Ozone Business isn't as simple as Buying an Ozone Machine from an online Promoter

Our Special Deal - Four 32G ozone units and our Certified Ozone Technician Training

Start your service for just $995.  That includes three of our 32G ozone units, the Certified Ozone Technician training, and the basic marketing materials you need to begin.  Few industries allow such an affordable entry point.  In addition, you have the ability to call anytime for help, guidance, and advice.

Buying an ozone machine is just the start.  Having someone who will take your call, answer questions, and help you over the problem areas is invaluable.  I have helped hundreds of people get started.  I've also seen poorly-informed people crash-and-burn.  The decisions you make early in the cycle are super important.  

My advice is simple, "Do it Right, or Don't do it all All".  Every business startup has a ton of unseen challenges, and it takes time to break through to the kind of profits we all hope to achieve as a vital service business.

  1. Learn from the Pros, not from YouTube or Google.  Remediation services are more than knowing how to turn on an ozone generator.  And, most ozone generators on the Internet are not professional machines ... not matter how much they brag.
  2. Join the National Ozone Association and take the Certified Ozone Technician course.
  3. Read, study, and Adopt the "Best Practices for Ozone Remediation" developed by the National Ozone Association.
  4. You need some basic equipment: Four 32G Ozone Generators
  5. Basic Marketing materials

....  $995

Four Powerful 32G Ozone Generators

One Year Support and Coaching from NOAI

Certified Ozone Technician Course

Proven Marketing Materials for your Business

Start a BusinessSo ask yourself.  Do you really want to buy an ozone generator from an online vendor?  Or, do you want to start a business that has unlimited potential, the best support anywhere, and the ability to step up to the next level when you are ready without reinvesting all over?  

If this is a serious commitment, failure is not an option.  No business endeavor comes with a guarantee, but you can greatly improve your odds by bringing your best effort to the project.  With so much on the line, it is no time to experiment or figure it out as you go.  The Environmental Remediation Services has been the "Business Incubation" facility for hundreds of ozone-type business, and they bring a world of experience to their members.

Just know the best markets to approach, and how to approach them, is incredibly important.  With the clock ticking, money spent, and everything on the line; your first 90 days can make or break the real success of your business.  

Want to know more?  Just call Mark Tipton at (561)253-3553  and learn more in 15 minutes than you will find on the Internet. Or email Mark from our contact page