Review of Ozone Generator for Odor Removal

If you are considering an ozone generator to remove odors, get rid of smoke odors, freshen stale and moldy problems; here are some important features to investigate.  

First, where was the ozone generator made?  Many of the ozone generators on the Internet were made in China.  You can expect poor quality regardless of the shiny case.  And, you will never be able to send them back for service.  Chinese units are One-Time systems that will wear out, and you will need to buy another rather than endure the pain of getting it repaired. 

The same is true for many of the US systems.  One company uses a sewer junction box for its housing pasting a label on it to make you think it is actually a well-made unit.  The most boastful of the bunch hyper-sells ozone generators with YouTube videos, paid Google ads, and criticizing the competition.  The loudest voice is often not the smartest person.  So, avoid the huckster types because they never live up to the boast.

The choice between UV or corona system is yet another consideration.  So you know, 94% of all professional units are corona type ozone generators.  Why?  As a rule, UV systems may provide a better type of ozone, they are far more expensive and less powerful.  Shock level ozone needs to quickly reach over 12 PPM, and smaller and UV type ozone generators just don't raise the saturation level high enough.  So, you must treat for a longer period or expect less-than-desired results.

One feature you will not appreciate until it is too late, is the service and support for the unit.  Some promise a warranty but trying to get through after the sale on defective systems is more than a hassle.  Unfortunately, many over-hyped providers are 99.5% about selling you an ozone generator, and .5% about service.  You just cannot believe the promises made.

At Professional Ozone, support and maintenance is a high priority.  We warranty our units for three years, but we offer a better idea.  During the engineering project, we spent months on design and user-friendly maintenance.  All of our units open easily and allow the most important parts to be replaced as needed.  This saves on shipping, downtime on the equipment, and allows our equipment to run at full power for years with only annual maintenance that anyone can do.

The quality of the ozone generator also matters over time.  The Professional Ozone generators were fabricated and built-in an American plant (in Illinois), and the quality is a top priority.  That is why the cases are powder coated inside and out.  We use stainless steel screws and parts, and always use high-quality parts.

Price, frankly, should be your next consideration.  Professional Ozone delivers more ozone power, higher quality construction, and we offer our systems at a price that other ozone generators can't match at the same power output measurement.