Repairing an Ozone Generator to New Performance

Cold Fusion OzoneHEY!!!  If your ozone generator is losing power, broken, and on its last legs, you need to hear about the XPRO-1000, XPRO-2000, or XPRO-4000.  We warranty our system with a lifetime warranty.  For more than twenty years, we believed in "Quality First and Always."  So, we engineered and designed the XPRO series using the best science and best parts.  Now, we are the most reliable ozone generator in the business.

At this time, there are millions of broken, failing, and useless ozone cluttering garages and basements.  One of the biggest reasons is that they were never built for simple maintenance.  Frankly, the price of the ozone generator at the time of purchase can be "penny wise and dollar foolish" as poor quality or design can make the investment worthless in less than a year.

Worse yet, if the machine is not fully supported in the United States with service and parts, your cheap ozone machine is destined to the junk pile.  It's only a matter of time, and the money spent is just another regretted mistake.

We have been in business for twenty years offering professional ozone generators that are literally head and shoulders over the competition.

But, the XPRO series of ozone generators offers so much more.  First of all, we have built the most durable case and internal components anywhere.  After years of use, knocks, bumps, and heat or cold in the vehicle ... our units still run at 100% output.  If not, we will repair the unit under our Lifetime Warrany.  it is just that simple.  So, if the typical Internet or eBay ozone generator manage to last a year or two before losing power, our ozone generator will still be running like new.

So, why are we so confident.  Every other corona-style ozone generator use either stainless steel screens or metal-clad ceramic plates to produce the spark (corona).  When exposed to the air, these screens and plates degrade and fail in just a few months of use.  Our Pyrex glass electrode are a kind of cold-fusion application that never exposes the metal in the glass to the air.  This takes a specially-designed transformer that is extremely reliable.  And, this is the heart of our confidence that the XPRO series will be as reliable as the sun rising every morning.