Repairing an Ozone Generator to New Performance

At this time, there are millions of broken, failing, and useless ozone cluttering garages and basements.  One of the biggest reasons is that they were never built for simple maintenance.  Frankly, the price of the ozone generator at the time of purchase can be "penny wise and dollar foolish" as poor quality or design can make the investment worthless in less than a year.

Worse yet, if the machine is not fully supported in the United States with service and parts, your cheap ozone machine is destined to the junk pile.  It's only a matter of time, and the money spent is just another regretted mistake.

We have been in business for ten years and always answer the phone when customers call.  We carry the parts, offer repairs (on our systems), and answer questions from our customers. Honestly, we get a lot of surprised customers who bought an ozone generator elsewhere.  Instead of an answering machine or an abrupt attitude because you are not buying a new machine, we treat people like we want to be treated.  

But, the Professional Ozone 32G offers so much more.  The case opens easily, and the key parts are easily accessible.  To restore the unit to like new power, remove the plates with four screws and put the new plates just like the old plates were found.  Price about $30 for two plates.  No soldering needed.  If the transformer has failed, just remove two screws at the base and connect two wires just like you found it.  Price about $45 which includes two plates.

The other parts like fan and control rarely ever fail.  So, if you can use a screwdriver and fifteen minutes of time to restore your 32G to full, like-new performance.  

The great news is that our 32G Max is priced competitively and the power output is outstanding.