Follow up the Job with Decon Five

Decon Five is Liquid OzoneDecon Five is a kind of "Liquid Ozone" that is applied using a ULV fogger.  Us this product after ozone to bring a "Double Punch" to your treatment.  Decon Five will quickly eliminate the ozone smell as well as add an extra level of odor removal, hospital-grade sanitizing, and detoxification of sick building syndrome.

EPA Registered, Green Certified, and a Sustainable Solution

PPE required is a simple particle mask, and googles.  Decon Five is a broad-spectrum solution that does more than any one product on the market.

  • EPA Registered, Hospital-grade sanitizer and disinfectant
  • Kills Mold and Mildew on contact
  • Strips the air of particles like pollen, mold spores, and pollution
  • Neutralizes odors at the source
  • Detoxifies and Decontaminates toxic or sick building
  • Neutralize VOCs, TVOCs, even tear gas and drug contamination
  • Green certified and eco-friendly.  Does not add to chemical bioload of the building

Decon Five can be used in spray bottle for small areas, or applied by a ULV fogger or electrostatic sprayer to large areas.  While ozone equipment is not scalable for large buildings, Decon Five can be quickly applied in warehouse, gyms, spas, medical offices, theaters, and is approved for food service areas.

Decon Five is a stable product that comes as A and B gallons.  Mix 50/50 to activate.  pH is about 8.2 and is about as corrosive as water. 

One gallon cover roughly 9000 sq ft for sanitizing purposes.  A case is four gallons.  Two gallons Part A and two gallons Part B.