Treat up to 12,000 Sq Ft with the XPRO-2000

Best Ozone GeneratorsOur patented Pyrex glass arc is not the typical corona ozone generator.  There are no metal exposed metal parts that contribute to the production of nitrous oxide, so the ozone output if clean and more effective though for our 3000 mg/hr rating.  This is a real output that is not calculated with a pure oxygen feed.  

Our units are tough.  Drop them, kick them, or leave them in the heat of your car.  We stand ready to make your unit run like new, even after years of hard use.  This is not just another typical ozone generator.  While others use stainless steet screens, the pyrex glass arc system will not wear out or lose power after heavy use.

We know a 48,000, 64,000, 80,000, or 100,000 ozone generator is powerful, but it may be overkill.  Forget the hype over size.  Our system is rated with ambient air for a true ozone output rating.  Here are the reasons to own smaller, not huge ozone generators:  

  1. Flexibility:  With several units, you can do several smaller jobs at one time (saves time and money), or use a combination to treat larger buildings.
  2. Multiple units prevent isolated areas from lack of treatment.
  3. No need for several fans to circulate the ozone from one central area.
  4. Better for your back:  Four XPRO units evenly treat the building. And they are easy to transport and carry.
  5. Multiple ozone units can shorten the treatment time by raising O3 levels more quickly.

We have made larger units, and we concluded that they are hard to transport, expensive to maintain, and they are not the best treatment option.  So, we made a decision that we know runs counter-culture to the braggadocious ozone promoters.  We know from years of experience that the strategic positioning of the ozone units is better than hauling huge machines in and out of homes.

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