Remove RV Odors with Ozone

RV Odor RemovalOne of the more frequent users of our ozone generators is RV park owners and managers.  The XPRO-1000 ozone generator works will for RVs, trucks, and even mobile homes.  This compact unit is very effective at destroying odors, killing mold, and refreshing your vehicle.

Any closed up vehicle will develop smells.  It can be pet odors, mold and mildew smells, something left that went bad, or worse.  

Ozone is a very effective way to eliminate RV and mobile home odors, but there are some rules for an effective treatment.  The first rule is cleaning.  It is critical to eliminate the source of the odor so the smell does not return after the treatment has been done.  This means cleaning the kitchen, carpets, and even the walls.  Odors can collect throughout the building, so it pays to do the job right.  

Smoking odors can be difficult because cigarette and cigar leave a tar coating on everything.  Covering it with paint is not a solution.  The smoke odor will eventually leak back out after the paint has dried.  So, was all the walls and cabinets.  

Finally, the size of the ozone generator matters.  Using a 4000, 5000, or 7500 mg/hr ozone generator is like putting out a fire with a small hose.  If it works, it will take far too long.  Small ozone generators tell you to run the unit for 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours.  This simply means that the system is too small.  Ozone treatments should last between one and six hours maximum.  It is best to use 3-4 hour treatments, assess the progress, and do it again if needed.

So, our XPRO-1000 units will knock out all types of smells in these shorter cycles as long as you have prepared the area properly.  It seems like a smart idea for any RV or Camper park to own a unit and rent it out or provide a service that will eliminate the smells that are certain to happen in a camping situation.