Timers for Ozone Generators

Timer for ozone generatorThe decision to put timers into our XPRO 1000 1nd 2000 units was made after a lot of feedback and review.  We have always used timers in our ozone generators, and others are now doing the same.  The latest timers have two sides to their function.  On the left, this timer delays the start of the ozone treatment.  This is great for nighttime treatments.

On the right side of the timer is the duration timer.  It is always important to set any ozone machine to shut down after a timed cycle.  When an ozone generator is left to run without a timer, too many things can go wrong.  If you fail to return at the prescribed time, the machine may over-treat the room or building and the ozone smell may last longer than the 12-24 hour normally expected.

Our time is quite versatile.  Set the timer for minutes or hours for the exact amount of time you wish to treat.  Set the delayed timer for maybe five minutes and leave the area.  The ozone generator will turn on after you leave and turn off before you return.  Be sure to air out the house upon return, even if it is cold outside.  The fresh air will quickly allow people to return to a fresh-smelling house.

We are proud of the fact that our Professional series of generators are built to deliver extraordinary levels of ozone, have powerful fans, and the best ozone cells.  But, every professional ozone service will like the compact size, the excellent weight, the durable design, and the easy of repair.  This is not a air-mover remake that others offer.  Professional Ozone generators are the best ozone generators on the market that were built as professional ozone generators from day one.