Professional Ozone Generator lasts Seven Years

The former 40G Pro is now the 64G Pro, and our team was excited to get one of our first ten of this design back in the shop. After three years of heavy use, we were able to return a "Like New Ozone Generator" to the customer at one-third the cost of a new unit.

We know that most companies exist to push new units out the door, but we believe in our product. And, we feel that a really great ozone generator should last for six to seven years.  That was the intent when we pulled the engineers, experienced users, and our team together to design a practical, powerful, and durable ozone generator.  Now, we see the evidence of all that hard work.  Rebuilding one of the first 40G units (now 64G) proved to us that there is no reason that a Professional Ozone generator should ever become a dust-catcher in your garage.  After the first-year warranty period, you will be happy to know that our flat rate refurb cost is just $199, but we do supply parts for easy maintenance by the handy types who know how to use a simple screwdriver.