Equipment for Restoration Services

Ozone for Restoration ServicesEvery restoration and remediation service needs to consider commercial ozone equipment.  The best choices are the 54,000 or 108,000 mg/hr ozone generators.  We do suggest that you use a filter for the any heavy particulate areas, these are cheap and easy to install.  Pre-filters will keep the system running better between maintenance.

We suggest the 108G Pro system for restoration services.  The ability to use the 54,000 or 108,000 volume of output can be very helpful.  This system is strongly reinforced with 090 aluminum (very strong), internal bracing, and advanced engineering for a very durable machine.  

Typical Applications:  For heavy odor or mold treatments, periods will be 4-8 hours.  For powerful odor problems, you will want to cycle the system for 8 hours on and 4 hours off.  The number of treatment cycles is your choice.  Our "Cool Running" design and protected circuitry will keep the system safe from nearly all hazards.  Do not operate any electrical equipment when standing water presents a chance of shock.

High Humidity:  Ozone is best used when the water has been pumped out and air scrubbers are been running.  Consider ozone as the later treatment, but do it early in to prevent mold growth.  It will also help to run dehumidifiers during ozone treatment.  High humidity hinders ozone production.  

Maintenance:  All Professional Ozone ozone generators open easily for necessary maintenance.  Any ozone generator need maintenance and eventual plate replacements.  You will discover that this duty can be done in 15-20 minutes with only a philips screwdriver.  We know that our customers do not need the cost and delays of sending in their equipment.  You will find instructions and videos that allows competent worker to keep the equipment in top working orders.

Restoration Uses:  The type of services that we suggest for ozone as a tool are:  Mold Remediation, Fire and Flood Restoration, Carpet Cleaners, Hoarder Homes, and Deep Cleaning services.

Training: We also provide online training for your staff for the best use of ozone.

Safety Measures:  Workers cannot be in the building (treatment area) during ozone application.  The exception is for workers wearing approved face masks with carbon filtering.  Ozone decays by half every twenty minutes, so after the ozone treatment is done, air out the facility to resume normal work.  Post signs at entry areas to warn workers to wear proper safety equipment.

We also offer a free online video course on the use of ozone generators by restoration services that is perfect for your workers.  This is a combination basic ozone treatment course, safety training, and foundation of what ozone does.  This is the perfect way to get your workers well-versed on the use of ozone for restoration treatments.  This $50 course is free to any company purchasing our equipment.