What if Ozone doesn't Work?

Our office has received calls asking "What is ozone Doesn't Work?"  Or, they say, "Ozone didn't work for me."   What does this say about ozone?  Is ozone a myth or exaggeration?

First of all, ozone is pure science.  The principle is call oxidation.  Ozone is an enhanced form of oxidation.  Ozone uses an extra atom of oxygen that drops off and connects with the target problem.  This changes the original material to an oxide.  The new molecule is much like the former substance but now in an oxide form.  One well-known example of oxidation example is iron that has rusted.  Rust is still iron but in a new form.  Try passing a magnet past rust particles to prove it.

So, oxidation is simple science.  If ozone doesn't work, the reason is that we missed something important.  One of the biggest reasons for an unsuccessful job is that the area has not been cleaned.  Ozone is really best on the residual or thin layers that cleaning cannot reach.  So, if there is a pile of dog poop in the room, ozone will help for a bit, but the odor will definitely return.

Don't try to remove strong odors in one massive treatment.  We are recommending a cycle of treatments that allows the room to breathe.  a 1-2 hour treatment is a good first step after cleaning.  Check the next day or so to determine if there is an improvement in the problem.  Odors can be embedded or hidden, so view the process as steps rather than one big leap.

To improve the results, use a probiotic spray throughout the building.  Probiotics go after the biofilm and residual material causing the odor.

When you have neutralized the source of the odor, the odor is permanently gone.  Ozone always works, but there is always a right way and wrong way to use ozone.  

When it comes to mold, ozone does kill mold; but the cause of the mold is the other issue.  Mold happens from a water leak and wood or paper.  The mold will not be solved by ozone when the water problem is not corrected.  So, treat the mold damage first, and the house treatment next.