Never Do This with an Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators carThere are a few things you should never do with an ozone generator.  But, there is one crazy idea that we hear and see being promoted by self-appointed Internet gurus.  While it sounds like a good idea, it runs absolutely contrary to the science of ozone.  So, let's first look at the science.

Ozone takes the normal oxygen in the form of O2 from the air, breaks it, and reforms it as O3.  That O3 formation will revert back to O2 in 20-30 minutes.  So, how much available O2 in is the air to be converted to ozone?

Heat and humidity adversely affect ozone production.  There is no question that heat above 90 degrees and humidity over 70% reduces the ozone output.  Ozone is already "unstable" meaning that third oxygen atom is loose and ready to fall off when it touches the target problem.  The process is called oxidation, and it is a very effective way to sanitize an area, destroy odors at the source, kill mold, or neutralize toxic threats.

When there is high humidity, the available oxygen is in an H2O formation and does not readily convert to ozone.  Whether solid ice, liquid water, or humidity as a gas are all H2O.  So, humidity is not easily broken and reformed as ozone.

So, what about those ozone generator promoters who are pumping ozone into a car or house from the outside?  Is that smart, practical, or recommended?

Using an external ozone generator to treat a car will work.  It just does not work well.  The unit is subject to the dirt and debris in the air and is hindered by high temperatures and humidity in the air.  Another factor called Boyle's Law is at work.  You have a small fan forcing are into a kinda air-tight compartment.  When you compress ozone, you need MORE ozone production to do the job.  All gasses compress.  When you compress a gas, you impact its abilities.

Inside the car or house, the air conditioning can be running so heat and humidity is controlled.  The ozone production is better.  And there is no compression of the gas when the ozone generator is sitting on the console. 

Worried about the power cord?  All doors have a rubber gasket that will accommodate the cord or use a flat, rather than round, electric cord.  If you see this idea being promoted, you should know the truth and look elsewhere for a better source of ozone information.