New, More Powerful Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator Plates

Our ozone generators are unique and very powerful.  Consider that EVERY OTHER OZONE GENERATOR uses METAL PLATES or SCREEN charged with high voltage to create the electrical glow, spark, or corona that produces ozone.  These units run hot and the metal substance produce some NITROUS OXIDE from the nitrogen in the air as well as ozone in the air.  When we reduce the nitrous oxide production, the ozone is what we want and the ozone smell is not as strong. 

Our patented Pyrex glass electrode are filled with metal flakes that produce the necessary arc (corona) without the metal touching the air.  This is a big deal even if it sounds simplistic.  For one thing, our electrodes NEVER WEAR OUT because they are not exposed to the air, humidity, and pollution in the air.  

What is surprising is that our 1500, 2000, and 4000 mg/hr unit does the work of what other promote as much larger ozone output units.  But, remember this.  All other ozone screens or plates rate their output in a lab setting using 99% pure oxygen.  

Our normal air is roughly 80% nitrogen and only 20% oxygen!  So, the actual ozone volume is 20% of what is claimed.  That is something the public is never told.  So, we built a better ozone generator on the science rather than hype.

The Pyrex glass electrode produces the best quality ozone with minimal nitrous oxide.  This means that our cool-running system literally performs better, last longer, and solves problems better than the rest.  

Here is another reason that you might pay more for our XPRO series than other units.  it is our LIFETIME WARRANTY.  We will repair any of our units that have not be badly abused or destroyed.  If used reasonable, our equipment runs at 100% performance each and every time.  Those metal screens and plate electrode systems will wear out, lose power over time, and fail.  Our Pyrex glass electrode will not.