New, More Powerful Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator Plates

Our professional ozone generator includes the amazing T22 ozone transformers.  Each transformer is rated by the manufacturer for 16 mg/hr.  But, there is so much more to our system.  With all that power, our unit runs cool, so long cycles will not be an issue.  This is because of our intelligent design that is the result of years of field experience and engineering insight.  

Rather than buying an ozone generator that will eventually lose power and become useless, we build an ozone generator that will last for years.  The biggest reason for the longevity of our 32G units is the ease of maintenance and repair.  The plates are light lightbulbs.  With heavy use, the plates will lose power or go out.  If the ozone generator isn't easy to open and maintain, it is doomed to the trash heap.

The 32G ozone generator and our T22 plates offer something that other ozone generators do not.  The fact is that mist ozone builders want your unit to age so you will need to buy another machine in a year or so.  We support the ozone professionals who must rely on their equipment.  Repairability is why our equipment is still doing the job five years after purchase.  

When considering the purchase of a commercial ozone generator, most people fail to realize that every ozone generator has a maintenance cycle.  If ignored, the ozone production will eventually drop to a tenth of its original output.   In the end, professionals use three and four units when they use to use just one.  The smart ozone applicator will realize that normal maintenance pays off in better jobs and purchasing less equipment.

We solved this issue.  The four ozone plates in our 32G are super easy to replace.  Pop the top, remove four screws, and replace the plates.  Your machine will now have all the power of a brand new unit.  This was true of our T20 transformers (rated at 10 mg/hr), and it is true of our T22 (rated at 16 mg/hr).  Plus the system includes short-proof transformers, cool-running design, and amazing ozone output.

The bottom line is that we feel that it is far better to buy one good ozone generator capable of running for 3-5 years with normal maintenance is better than buying three or four machines that quickly fail or lose power because they are not easily maintained.  Quality is our primary commitment.  As a U.S. built machine with U.S. support, anything else seems like an avoidable mistake and waste of money.