A Closer Look

Ozone Generator Fabrication

It takes more than anyone thinks to assemble a professional ozone generator.  There are many parts that go into our professional ozone generator.  And, we constantly look for the best solutions possible.

Ozone Generator FabricationOur engineers and case fabrication comes from a serious operation that requires equipment not found in ordinary facilities.  Our unique design for the aluminum case for the Pro series generators are actually manufactured and assembled in our location.  Parts are carefully reviewed to make sure they can operate in an ozone environment and provide reliable service.

The Best Ozone GeneratorHere you see actual pictures of our fabrication facility that takes raw material and creates the actual housing for our professional ozone generators.  Check around, you won't see something like this anywhere else.  We build professional ozone machines from scratch with the forethought of experienced engineers who consider all aspects of the ozone generator system.

What you will find other promoters with repurposed air machines that are now refitted as ozone generators.  You will see repurposed vacuum cleaners, repurposed air blowers, and converted fan systems.  This is what might be called the "Down and Dirty" way to get past the effort to build a serious ozone machine.  All that is needed to enough room to squeeze in a few transformers and ozone plates ... and this is what passes as a serious ozone machine by some online huckster.

An ozone machine is so much more.  It much be durable, portable, handles routine abuse, and works as promised.  If the vacuum or air blower (now converted to an ozone machine) has rubber and plastic parts or seals in the unit, it is going to prematurely fail.  When converting an air machine to an ozone generator, all bets are off.  These machines were never rated for a serious ozone environment.

So, we wanted you to see something others cannot show you.  This is the actual fabrication plant that creates our professional line of ozone generators.  We offer the best ozone generator on the market .... that was built to be an ozone generator from the ground up.  We buy the material, form the unit, assemble the unit, and test these units for the best performance possible. You get an ozone generator that will give you excellent results for years to come.

We invite scrutiny.  While so many others are offering converted air handling machines, this professional ozone generator was built to be the best ozone generator for professional use.  So, let's take a close up look at the features. Simple design, yes!  But, the engineering is well beyond what others attempt.

Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel case offers lightweight with a tough exterior.  Everything about this unit is built for years of professional use.

Base Stand-Off Studs allow the transformers a half-inch of airflow cooling for longer life.  Essentially, extra ventilation to cool the unit.

Isolated chamber for electronics.  Though everything is built with anti-corrosive environments, we took the extra step of separating the electronics from the ozone production side.  

Fused and grounded circuits are just one part of the safety features.  Our transformers are "Short Proof" meaning they shut down if a short occurs, and fire up when the short is fixed.

35000 RPM, 252 CFM, ball bearing Fan that really pumps out the air.  We do not subscribe to huge fan speeds that hinder ozone production.

Built-In Countdown Timer allows up to 24 hour cycles.  Up-Down arrow keys make this timer easy to use.  

Clamshell Access:  Every machine will eventually need cleaning or repair.  The removable top half comes off with four screws revealing all components.  Repairs are extremely easy, requiring only a screwdriver and ten minutes of time in most cases.