Increase Profits for Home Inspection Services

Home Inspectors Income BoostCould something as simple as a $995 investment add $7000 or more of extra revenue to your inspection service income?  We think so, the XPRO-2000 Ozone units can solve some very real problems that other services cannot handle.  

If you know the real estate and property management business, you should know that vacant homes, apartments, and condo can smell.  And, "If they Smell, they do not Sell".  Or, at least, they do not sell for what they should. 

As one of the key people in real estate transactions, you can easily use our XPRO-2000 ozone generator to remove: cooking smells, pet and urine odors, smoking odors, moldy and stale smell.  Ozone is the chemical-free solution you should know about.  Drop of the unit, set the countdown timer, and come back then the job is done to collect a nice fee.  It couldn't be easier, and ozone will remove some very bad odors.

Ozone also kills mold, eliminates dust mites, reduces allergens, and erases years of living in that used home or apartment.  And, since ozone is simply enriched oxygen, it is chemical-free and environmentally-friendly.  And, it does all this without much effort on your part.

Apartments are about $150, and homes in the $250-300 range.  Imagine just one job per week (which is very conservative) at $250.  That is an extra $1000 per month or $12,000 a year.  Since you are already out and about, how hard is this?

Our compact unit weighs about 14 pounds.  It is 19" x 9" x 6" in a very durable aluminum case.  So, it easily fits in your trunk or SUV.  To do the job, just clear the house of people and pets, run for 3-4 hours, and pick the unit up from an odor-free, germ-free, and mold-free home.  

We even offer the 100% online Certified Ozone Technician course from the National Ozone Association, help in getting started, and the best ozone generators on the market.

So, why not try our technically-advanced ozone generators and see for yourself?  You are already out there.  You know the people in the industry or will eventually meet them, and there is no reason you couldn't enjoy an extra $10,000 to $20,000 per year by offering an ozone treatment when needed.   Then, it goes to the normal $895.  Frankly, it is less than a good lawnmower.  Add this great idea to your inspection service, and increase your income.  You can also consider our package program below.

Check Out the New XPRO 2000 Ozone    -  This is a serious professional ozone generator

Ready to Open a New Door to Profits?  Here's how to start.  You can order the XPRO ozone generator and take it from there.  Or you can take our $995 Startup Package that includes:

  • One XPRO-2000 ozone generator
  • The online certification course, Basic Ozone Training
  • Marketing material

We feel if you are willing to take the next step, you will want the support of a team of people who know how to build a great ozone business.

.. $995 package