32G Pro HC 12 volt Ozone Generator

Here it is!  A real, powerful, and professional grade 12 volt ozone generator.  We worked a long time to find the right combination of ozone cells, fan, and power usage that would do what others only promise.  The new 12 v version of the 32G HC is impressive.  

Prior to 2017, we struck out on this project; and we bring this 12 v ozone generator out for 2017.  Though using only 12 volts, we wanted the same power output as out T22 ozone cells.  Months later, we received the redesigned transformers.  We also wanted a fan that had real power as well with a 12 volt requirement.  When the first unit was assembled, we gathered in a car and tried it out.  One word ... "Wow!"  The output is as fantastic as our 110 v 32G Pro.  So, if you are looking for a 12 v ozone generator to remove odors from cars, boats, RV, and truck .... here it is.

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The 32G Pro HC has the latest T22 ozone transformers.  This unit runs cool, and produces extreme amounts of ozone for your problem issues.  Best Ozone Generator also offers 110 powered ozone generator as well.  Both offer the same impressive ozone output, quality, and affordability.

This is the Best Ozone Generator for cars, trucks, RVs, and fleet managers.  The hard case is durable.  It is extremely powerful and super easy to maintain.  You can buy other ozone generators that promise to get rid of smoke and odors from used cars, but they are mere toys compared to this unit.  If the truth were know, most Internet ozone generators produce 4000-8000 mg/hr.  Some are even less than that.  So, you have to "cook" the car for a longer time.  Our 32,000 mg/hr and high-speed fan will clear out a car of smoke and foul odors in 45-60 minutes.  


Power:  12 v DC, 7 amp, adapter for 12 v cigarette outlet
Size:  7 pounds, 12" by 9" by 9"
Case: 060 aluminum, powder coated inside and out to prevent corrosion
Servicability:  Case opens easily for easy access to all critical parts
Ozone Output:  32,000 mg/hr from two T22 transformers (16g each)


   ... Free Shipping Included.  Three year limited warranty by terms on this site