Best Size Ozone Generator


Buy an Ozone GeneratorOne of the persistent questions is "What size ozone generator should I buy?"  Right how, the 32,000 or 32G Max unit is the most versatile unit possible.  It is portable, very powerful, and durable.  Why anyone would buy an huge, heavy 80,000 or 100,000 unit is frankly absurd.  If you are going to do a big, big job; then change your strategy to use multiple 32G units placed at strategic points in the building.   While we like selling ozone machines, there is a point when equipment is too large and hard to justify.  Why buy a garage full of equipment that you must maintain and rarely use?

We came to the conclusion that the 32,000 unit is compact enough to do a car in 45 minute, a house in 3-4 hours.  If you need a bigger machine, buy two or three.  So, why buy two of three instead of a humongous 80,000 unit?  First of all it is about hauling big equipment around, the health of your back, and sheer logic.  Why put an 80,000 unit in the center when you could easily place two or three easy-to-carry units on different levels or at opposite ends of the building?  It is still 64,000 with two units that are now better placed to treat the building. Or get 96,000 mg/hr with three 32G Max units.

Professional ozone generators are putting out the kind of ozone levels not available ten years ago.  32G delivers a lot of ozone and the design of our 32G Pro model has lead us to a simple KISS-like conclusion.  32,000 mg/hr units are the right size machine for 95% of the jobs our people handle.  With the compact size, excellent design, and ability to double or triple the units as needed, we strongly recommend the two or three 32G Pro units for the ability to properly treat any size job.

Consider how you make money.  Is it with one huge machine that you sit a wait to get done, or do you make more money with the ability to do three cars or apartments in the same period?  If you can do simple math, you will discover that three 32,000 mg/hr generators will make you more money than a 80,000 or 100,000 mg/hr machine.

Think smart when you buy an ozone generator.  They is a lot of hype out there.  Many are surprised when they visit our website to find one or two ozone systems.  There is a reason for that.  When you have what you need with our 32G Max, the next question is whether to buy two or three units.

One professional has several 32G Max units and is able to treat multiple apartments at one time for a property management company, or use multiple machine when treating a large multi-level home.