Building a Professional Ozone Generator

Professional Ozone GeneratorIt occurred to me that amid all the bravado for professional ozone generators, it might be a good idea to explain how a professional ozone generator is built.  I realized that in many ways, the quality of the ozone generator is in the attention to small details.  With heavy use, being hauled about in the back of a van, or constant use; the durability is literally part of the whole process.

For example, we use a Loctite treatment on all screws and nuts that might eventually rattle loose.  Loose parts are not a concern for the first month you have your machine (we hope), but it may happen after a few months of heavy use.  The fan will run for hours which can loosen things up, or bouncing in the back of the van is even more problematic.  The addition of this one aspect means a more reliable piece of equipment when you really need it.

Another little-seen factor is the use of shrink tape on electrical fittings.  Ozone will affect copper connections, so they need to be sealed so that they are always making the connection.  

When it comes to ozone systems, stainless steel is the standard of quality.  Since ozone accellerates oxidation or rust, stainless steel cases and parts are more expensive but worth the money.  

Most other ozone generators use plastic or poweder coating, which is a type of paint over the metal.  Even powder coating over a metal shell will develop knicks and cracks.  That is when the rust starts.  While this may not affect the core operation, we have to ask why?  Well, stainless steel cases are more expensive, but we are dedicated to making an ozone generator that will last for years.  

We sell our "New and Improved" model today.  Once you see its quality and performance, we hope you will add to your inventory rather than replace old units.

This brings me to one of the most amazing aspects of the Professional Ozone generators.  How would you like to make a two-year-old generator run like it is brand new?  How about making it easy to change the ozone plates that will eventually wear out.  So, we designed the T22 plates that other ozone generators cannot match.

By removing four screws, you can replace the ozone plates of our T22 ozone system.  So, there is no reason to throw out one of our fantastic machines.  Take 10 minutes to replace the plates that take nearly no skill whatsoever.  You will then have a machine ready to deliver top-quality ozone like our newest machines.