The Effect of Heat on Ozone Generators

Safe Ozone GeneratorAnyone who knows about electronics will agree that "Heat is the Enemy of Electrical Systems."  Well, one of the reasons that ozone generators break down is the buildup of heat.  The transformers and ozone plates in an ozone generator can produce a lot of heat.  This causes breakdowns much faster than they should happen.  Ozone is also known to "Age Components".

Buying an Ozone Generator

First things first.  Ignore 90% of what you see on the Internet, except for our site ... of course.  There are so many claims by every ozone generator manufacturer that you will like buy a unit out of desperation only find out that it wasn't as good as represented.  

It is just nearly impossible to find honest information, so let's use elimination as the way to find a good ozone generator.

Professional Ozone Generators

As ozone becomes better known as an environmentally-friendly way to remove odors, kill mold, and sanitize an area; you are going to see a lot more competition for this market.  Professional Ozone is not looking for an amateur who buys into the hype of Internet hucksters.  A few of the common mistake are as shown below: