Remove RV Odors

RV Odor RemovalOne of the more frequent users of our ozone generators is RV park owners and managers.  The 32,000 mg/hr ozone generator works will for RVs, trucks, and even mobile homes.  Some jobs may need two or three 32,000 ozone generators, so there is a choice per the job need.

Buying an Ozone Generator

First things first.  Ignore 90% of what you see on the Internet, except for our site ... of course.  There are so many claims by every ozone generator manufacturer that you will like buy a unit out of desperation only find out that it wasn't as good as represented.  

It is just nearly impossible to find honest information, so let's use elimination as the way to find a good ozone generator.

Professional Ozone Generators

As ozone becomes better known as an environmentally-friendly way to remove odors, kill mold, and sanitize an area; you are going to see a lot more competition for this market.  Professional Ozone is not looking for an amateur who buys into the hype of Internet hucksters.  A few of the common mistake are as shown below:

Timers for Ozone Generators

Timer for ozone generatorThe decision to put timers into our 32,000 mg/hr unit was made after a lot of feedback and review.  In an ozone-rich environment, everything ages or corrodes faster.  This is a fact of the industry.  This is why we use stainless steel parts and aluminum cases.  Then, we use professionally applied powder coating for a hard, durable, finish.

Best Size Ozone Generator

WBuy an Ozone GeneratorOne of the persistent questions is "What size ozone generator should I buy?"  Right how, the 64,000 unit is the most versatile unit possible.  It is portable, very powerful, and durable.  Why anyone would buy an huge, heavy 80,000 or 100,000 unit is frankly absurd.  If you are going to do a big, big job; then change your strategy.