Best Hotel Ozone Generator

Best Hotel Ozone GeneratorIt is easy to boast of a warranty, but consumers eventually realize that the complications and delays to repair less-than-quality ozone generator is a lost cause.  So, Professional Ozone decided to build a machine that can faithfully run for five to seven years with normal maintenance.

Stop Mold after a Flood with Ozone

When a flood happens, a fast response is critical.  This is not a time for half measures.  The first task is to get the water out as quick as possible.  The longer the water is in the building, the worse things get.  So, run to the hardware or rental store and get a pump that will get the job done quickly.

Then, get rid of everything that is ruined once you have documented the damage for insurance.  You will find that trying to salvage goods is more trouble and money than buying new or used replacements.  

The Science of Odors

The Science of SmellYour sense of smell is one of the most primitive and innate senses you possess.  Without overt awareness, your sense of smell is a huge part of the decision-making process.  We are attracted, revolted, or ambivalent to many things based purely by smells.  While other senses play a part as well, smell has a huge impact on everything.

The Effect of Heat on Ozone Generators

Safe Ozone GeneratorAnyone who knows about electronics will agree that "Heat is the Enemy of Electrical Systems."  Well, one of the reasons that ozone generators break down is the buildup of heat.  The transformers and ozone plates in an ozone generator can produce a lot of heat.  This causes breakdowns much faster than they should happen.  Ozone is also known to "Age Components".