PPE for Ozone Generators

There are modest safety precautions when using an ozone generator.  Personal protection equipment or PPE that is recommended for those in the treatment area of ozone.  Fortunately, the rules are pretty simple.   The FDA has said that ozone is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), this presupposes that safety measures are followed.  

How Long Should I Run an Ozone Generator?

It seems that one of the most common questions is "How long should I run my ozone generator?"  There are simply too many variables to be precise about the duration of ozone treatment.  We take huge exception to the Internet ozone promoters who suggest people buy their over-hyped ozone generator and "Crush the Problem" with a massive dose of ozone.  

How are Ozone Generators Measured?

Best Ozone GeneratorIf you want the basics on how ozone generators are measured, I am going to make to as simple as possible for everyone.  There is a lot of hype about ozone generators and the amount of ozone they produce.  You will see some small ozone generators that skillfully hide their output behind model numbers and bold claims of what they can do.