Choosing an Ozone Generator

We often hear from people who have bought an ozone generator.  These units come with a few pages of explanation and little to no help from the manufacturer.  Far too often, the "Good Deals" on ozone generators were too much hype and too little support.  First of all, buying an ozone machine that is 10,000 mg/hr or less is often a waste of money.  You need more power than that.  To make up for the lack of power, the instructions suggest running the unit for 12, 24, 36, and 48 hours.  Big mistake!  

100,000 Ozone Generator

100000 Ozone GeneratorShould you buy a 100,000 mg/hr ozone generator, or opt for four of our 32G ozone generators?  Give this some thought before you buy an ozone generator.  First of all, do you really want to haul around a large, bulky ozone generator; or is it better to move four 9 lb units?

Does Ozone Kills Mold?

Yes, ozone will kill mold, but there are steps to a proper mold remediation treatment.  Upfront, do not expect that ozone is a simple mold kill treatment.  It is important to deal with the whole problem and not miss steps.

First, solve the water issue.  Find and stop the source of water.  Mold cannot grow without a moisture supply.  Even high humidity (over 70%) can contribute to mold.  Then, dry out the area to assure that the water issue is solved.

Second, remove all heavily molded goods and clean all surfaces with a proper cleaner.




The Ozone Business is Expanding

We Fix the AirOver the years, many thought that ozone was the singular solution to every problem.  Ozone is good, and it does many things, but should we go on this journey with only one tool in our utility belt?  We see an expansion of the remediation market that opens many more profitable opportunities not seen before.

How are Ozone Generators Measured?

Best Ozone GeneratorIf you want the basics on who ozone generators are measured, I am going to make to as simple as possible for everyone.  There is a lot of hype about ozone generators and the amount of ozone they produce.  You will see some small ozone generators that skillfully hide their output behind model numbers and claims of what they can do.