Free Ozone Training Course

We like to say that "Ozone is Science, but not Rocket Science".  There are many important aspects to effectively using ozone.  We believe that everyone using ozone should have a basic training before using an ozone generator.  

Our office gets multiple phone calls and emails each week from people who bought an ozone generator from an online promoter.  When they get it, they are clueless about how to properly use the equipment.

Timers for Ozone Generators

Timer for ozone generatorThe decision to put timers into our 32,000 mg/hr unit was made after a lot of feedback and review.  We have always used timers in our ozone generators, and others are now doing the same.  The latest timers have two sides to their function.  On the left, this timer delays the start of the ozone treatment.  This is great for nighttime treatments.

Remove RV Odors with Ozone

RV Odor RemovalOne of the more frequent users of our ozone generators is RV park owners and managers.  The 32,000 mg/hr ozone generator works will for RVs, trucks, and even mobile homes.  Some jobs may need two or three 32,000 ozone generators, so there is a choice per the job need.

New, More Powerful Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator Plates

Our professional ozone generator includes the amazing T22 ozone transformers.  Each transformer is rated by the manufacturer for 16 mg/hr.  But, there is so much more to our system.  With all that power, our unit runs cool, so long cycles will not be an issue.  This is because of our intelligent design that is the result of years of field experience and engineering insight.  

Repairing an Ozone Generator to New Performance

At this time, there are millions of broken, failing, and useless ozone cluttering garages and basements.  One of the biggest reasons is that they were never built for simple maintenance.  Frankly, the price of the ozone generator at the time of purchase can be "penny wise and dollar foolish" as poor quality or design can make the investment worthless in less than a year.