How are Ozone Generators Measured?

Best Ozone GeneratorIf you want the basics on who ozone generators are measured, I am going to make to as simple as possible for everyone.  There is a lot of hype about ozone generators and the amount of ozone they produce.  You will see some small ozone generators that skillfully hide their output behind model numbers and claims of what they can do.

Stop Mold after a Flood with Ozone

When a flood happens, a fast response is critical.  This is not a time for half measures.  The first task is to get the water out as quick as possible.  The longer the water is in the building, the worse things get.  So, run to the hardware or rental store and get a pump that will get the job done quickly.

Then, get rid of everything that is ruined once you have documented the damage for insurance.  You will find that trying to salvage goods is more trouble and money than buying new or used replacements.