The Ozone Business is Expanding

We Fix the AirOver the years, many thought that ozone was the singular solution to every problem.  Ozone is good, and it does many things, but should we go on this journey with only one tool in our utility belt?  We see an expansion of the remediation market that opens many more profitable opportunities not seen before.  For example, ozone has not been effective in neutralizing various VOCs, like formaldehyde.  

Additionally, it makes sense to have enhanced the ability to double up on tough jobs without pounding the house with large ozone generators over hours and hours of time.  Then, we have to worry about embedding "The Ozone Smell" permanently in the house.  We like the approach of the "We Fix the Air" program that actually attracts thousands of highly-targeted customers with the ability to contact your service directly.

Many ozone services know the pain of building their business on a concept that is easily copied.  After all, what prevents any of your present customers from buying an ozone generator online and bypassing your service?  Nothing, actually.  That is why "We Fix the Air" has found a way to enhance your ozone service and make it proprietary.  Your jobs can be done more quickly, get better results, and your customers can't duplicate your process.  

We see the future of professional remediation service as bright and powerful.  But, you cannot use a well-worn concept that is so easily copied to be your vehicle of success.  So, what if there was something like "Ozone 2.0"?  The next step for those who see the need to offer something newer, better, and unique.  Ozone is a gaseous oxidizer, and it is a great concept.  But, follow with a spray-on oxidizer that doubles the value of your service, reduces the time on the job, and allows you to actually make more money.  See