Best Hotel Ozone Generator

Best Hotel Ozone GeneratorIt is easy to boast of a warranty, but consumers eventually realize that the complications and delays to repair less-than-quality ozone generator is a lost cause.  So, Professional Ozone decided to build a machine that can faithfully run for five to seven years with normal maintenance.  To achieve this high standard, we had to engineer and build a unit that has the best parts anywhere.  The case may seem simple, but what's inside offers more than any Chinese import or garage-built unit ... regardless of what the Internet self-promoters boast.

With changing staff and regular maintenance that requires equipment to be disassembled, parts to the ordered, and a little knowledge to reassemble the unit; it is obviously why most warranties are worthless.  

the Professional Ozone 32G is a powerful ozone generator that will clear room odors month after month in record time.  Treatments can be 15 minutes to just one hour.  The room must be vacated during the treatment.  The timer shuts off the unit and workers can return to finish cleaning the room.  

Instead of buying a Chinese unit sold over the Internet, buy an American Made ozone generator that will last for years.  We build our ozone generators to last, and if they ever fail, we offer a single $90 refurbish fee to bring the unit back up to new performance, except for damage by abuse.

While most ozone generators lose power with regular use, our 32G Pro HC will outlast the competition.  But, if it needs maintenance, replacing plates is a 5-minute task.  We seriously believe that this ozone generator can run at top performance for 5-7 years with annual maintenance that is super easy to do for your staff.  So, why pay a service to remove odors when you can do the same odor removal that can be done by a knowledgable staff member?

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