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Professional Ozone GeneratorNew T22 Long-Life Cells

Our joint venture allows our ozone generators to include the new T22 ozone cells that offer More Power (16 mg/hr) and Longer Life.  Like high-octane gas, the T22 ozone cells are just amazingly powerful and last twice as long as other ozone generators.

This heavy-gauge aluminum case is still only 16 lbs unit.  Yet, it packs 64,000 mg/hr of ozone power, driven by a high-quality, High-CFM output fan with ball bearing design.  More than enough power to do the job for any application.  Professionals love the compact design that travels better than less-power, and bigger, systems.

Timer for Ozone GeneratorThe One Touch Countdown Timer is what customers asked for.  Press the bottom button for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hour cycle.  The system shuts off before you return, so the ozone has already been reverting back to normal oxygen in about 20-30 minutes.

Every professional will love this easy to repair design.  Yes, we  have a fantastic warranty, but we made this unit super easy to maintain.  With shipping costing about $30-40 each way, why wait weeks and months for some company to do what you can easily to with a screwdriver?

This is a professional ozone generator capable of producing shock level ozone in just minutes.  We built it to take routine abuse that every professional encounters.  The system is fully grounded, fused, and specially ventilated to keep everything cool.  The internal titanium oxide coating adds another dimension to odor removal and powerful sanitizing that only experts understand, but this is the upgrades that others cannot match.

Target price is $895, but we have it at a low $695 for now. And, that include free shipping.  You can't buy more powerful, professional systems for your dollar. NO ONE ELSE has our NEW T22 Long-Life Ozone Plates.  You get more for your money with this new technology!


Specs for the 64G Professional Ozone Generator

Weight: Less than 20 pounds
Size: 19" by 9" by 6"
Case: 060 Gauge Heavy Duty Housing
Power: 110 VAC - 10 amps
Time: Durable 1 min - 8 hour Built-in Timer
Ozone Output: 64,000 mg/hr with four T22 transformers (4 x 16,000 mg/hr = 64,000 mg/hr)
Powerful Fan:  Runs at 172 CFM
Transformers: Dual Plate - New Long-lasting plates
Life Expectancy: 3-5 year design with normal maintenance - See Warranty Info on this site

The output of this "little" machine is amazing.  This is now my go to generator" David Dykstra -

This is the true genius of our equipment.  It is not only well-built, professionally engineered, durable, and works extremely well.  Over the years, your machine can be working at 100% performance because it is "Field Reparable".  Ask around, you will not find that every part is so easily maintained.  We keep all parts in stock, and we believe in our reputation.  You will not have one of our machines down for months waiting for repair.  Call us, and the part is on the way.  Your time is important, and a professional ozone generator is our commitment to your ongoing success.