32,000 mg/h Ozone Generator

Commercial Grade Very Power Output Easy to Maintain
32G Ozone 32000 Ozone Generator Professional Ozone

Now upgraded to the T22 ozone cells.  The 32G Pro is the next generation system newly redesigned in 2015, and updated for 2019 specs.  Measuring just 12 x 9 x 9 and weighing less than ten pounds, the power of this system is exceptional.  We have taken a brand new look at all the best ideas, and reconfigured the design.  Easy to clean or repair.  Four screws and the top lifts for easy access.  Clean or replace plates in five minutes with just a screwdriver.  It couldn't be easier!

We started with a new dual ball-bearing fan putting out over 120 CFM that will fill the room or house with ozone in just 15 minutes.  This ozone generator can treat a 4000-5000 sq/ft area in 3-4 hours at shock level of over 12 ppm.  It "Runs Cool" delivering hours of high-output ozone.  You can expect this system to last for years with nominal maintenance

Inside, we use stainless steel parts and anti-corrosive connections.  Powder coating inside and out for corrosion prevention.  Since ozone is mildly corrosive when used over a long time, we seal every connection and use non-corrosive, stainless steel parts.


Power:  110 v AC, 7 amp
Size:  8 pounds, 12" by 9" by 9"
Case: 060 aluminum, powder-coated inside and out to prevent corrosion
Serviceability:  Case opens easily for easy access to all critical parts
Ozone Output:  32,000 mg/hr from two T22 transformers (16g each)

At only $475 for Hard Case.  Both will last for years and offer easy maintenance for great ozone output for years.

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Great for hotels, motels, apartments, used car lots, RV parks, and will treat the whole house as well.  This unit will freshen the air in 15-30 minutes, erase most odors in 1-2 hours, or destroy bad odors in 3-4 hours.  

We include instructions, an inline timer.  And, of course, free shipping in the U.S. not including Hawaii and Alaska.