100,000 Ozone Generator

100000 Ozone GeneratorShould you buy a 100,000 mg/hr ozone generator, or opt for four of our 32G ozone generators?  Give this some thought before you buy an ozone generator.  First of all, do you really want to haul around a large, bulky ozone generator; or is it better to move four 9 lb units?  This is more of an issue than most imagine as you go up and down stairs, work in narrow areas, or try to treat small areas with a large machine.

Secondly, if your 100G unit fails, you are out of business until it gets fixed.  Shipping a big machine in for repairs in another issue.  And the cost of the repair can be heavy.

Thirdly, why use one machine in a single area when it is better to distribute the ozone more evenly throughout the house or business?  No matter how strong the fan might be, a bedroom at the end of a hallway will get a minimal treatment.  With four 32G units (total 108,000 mg.hr) it is easy to place the units in key areas for a more even ozone distribution. 

If one machine fails, you still have three working.  And, our 32G units are easily repaired with just a philips screwdriver.  90% of problems are the plates that can be replaced for $60 and 15 minutes of time.

We love the 32G and no longer produce the 100G unit for the very obvious reasons we list above.  In fact, our business startup package offers four 32G units, training, certification, marketing materials, and ongoing coaching for one year.  LINK